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When will the C1 be available for purchase?

We're in the final stages of development as we speak. C1 will be launched by Q3, 2022. We've had beta test's in 5 cities with over 200 pro and usual riders involved. We're planning to roll-out the first deliveries by the end of Q3.

What happens after i get early access?

Once you sign-up, we'll reach out to you for finalising your purchase and providing test-rides in your city. If you have any queries you can reach out to us

How will the Surface C1 be sold? Where do I buy it from?

We're planning parallel phase-outs. We believe in being responsible for the whole experience of buying, owning and servicing our products. As a result, we'll have an online experience centre, which is our website, for buying, experiencing and getting support for your Surface products. In-order to enable physical presence at scale, we'll also be partnering with bicycle retailers around the country. Retailer info will be available on our website soon. Anyhow, people on the pre-booking list will be delivered first as we're planning deliveries on a first-come basis. Get on the list by pre-booking here

Do I need a driving license to ride the C1?

No, the C1 falls in the low-speed 2W category. Vehicles under this category such as e-bikes are exempt from registration, road-tax and helmet in India. Even though helmets are not mandatory, we strongly recommend you wear one to ensure complete safety, whatever you're riding. Read more about ownership & benefits here.

Is this the final design or will there be changes?

There will be changes. This is a concept launch to showcase the basic idea of the product. Behind the scenes, we're curating the experience, working with experienced suppliers and testing on-road, the product is in evolution.

When will the final design be released?

Over the months we'll be releasing the final design, spec-sheet, tech-specs, range variants and colour options. The final design will be showcased during our launch in Q3.

How much would the C1 cost?

We are working on pricing model. The goal is to price in a way that the consumer can justify buying it and we won't have to make sacrifices in terms of quality, design & performance. Good things are never cheap.

Can I share my early-bird booking benefits with my friends?

Yes, experiences are meant to be shared. After pre-booking, we share a secret code with you which will avail early-bird benfits to you. This code can be shared with 2 other friends.

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