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Surface C1

Dawn of a new way.

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With the C1, we re-imagined urban commute, making way for a new set of possibilities that were just not possible before. With an all-electric drive-train and motor-assisted pedalling, the city shrinks.


Geared hub-motor


Li-ion battery



Makes 25kmph interesting.

With super-quick system response, 3 level ride modes and thumb throttle for that extra boost, you'll experience 25kmph like never before. Thick all-terrain tyres and dual electronic disk brakes let's you have fun while keeping you safe in different terrains and weather.



3 level

Ride modes

Surface C1


Take on the streets, without breaking a sweat.

With an all-day battery life, it gets you where you want to be. With a charger that's as compact as a laptop's, a 3 pin plug point is all you need to re-charge your C1. You're never far from a charging point, home, office or that place with great coffee.


Throttle & PAS


To full charge


Body & Tech

Stands the test of time.

Best of both worlds. Space-grade aluminium alloy frames for a steady ride will keeping things light. The powerful li-ion cells are protected by a carefully packaged 1P65 rated casing. Nothing gets in or out.


Rust resistant frame


Rated battery



Fits right in
by standing out.

􀁵 Low-maintanence

As with any bicycle, it requires very less or significant maintainence. Drastically reduced down-time.

􀁵 Easy Purchase

Doesn't come with heavy paperwork or registration. You can buy it just as you'd buy a cup of coffee. Street licensed.

􀁵 Easier Ownership

Automatic error detection. The system identifies the issues and we offer the solution. Everything's taken care of.


Coming Soon

An intuitive mobile app that makes biking effortless. 

An app that enables a whole new experience of bike ownership. From error detection to integrated support systems, ride analytics, remote lock/ unlock, theft & tamper detection, integrated seamlessly with your Surface Products. Enable a plethora of untapped possibilities. Coming soon on:


Launching this may.

Deliveries starting early 2023.


Features in a snapshot.



Meticulously engineered with high-grade steel, embody unparalleled durability, ensuring a ride that withstands the test of time and terrain.

Carbon Steel

Granular chassis


Payload capacity

Stop at Nothing

Go from 0 to 100 in less than 2.5 hrs and ride to your heart’s desire. Get more with less- ride for upto 50kms on a single charge.


Battery Capacity

2.3 hrs

Charge Time


Adaptive foam seats deliver both comfort and tear resistance, and won’t lose their shape over time. 


Seat Base


Seat Length

Glide Through

For when you want to take things slow, jet through the city or simply enjoy the ride.


Ride Modes


With Thumb Throttle

Versatile Utility.

So compact you might forget it's there. Also, never be in the dark again with sensor-based front and rear caution lights. Ensure you're seen, always.

Quick release front wheel combined with less than 29kgs in total weight, storage, even in cars has never been easier. Combining a foldable handlebar, it's the best in the segment in terms of versatility.
Auto-sense front & rear light ensures safety and precautions even in the dark. Touch-less lights ensure the lights are on when it has to be without the rider having to worry about it. Added levels of safety

Subtle. Matte.

Community Reviews

"Super quick throttle response, comfortable seats, thick tyres, beautiful design, brilliant!"

Harib Parol - Beta Test Participant

"It's like riding a cloud... and it's addictive"

Bujair Pk- Pro-cyclist & Youtube Vlogger

"I can see our future cities being filled with these."

Juwin Thomas - Industrial Designer at OYO

"It gets better with time. Reliable, fun and really advanced for an e-bike."

Aafrin Abid - Beta Test Participant


Gaurav Shah - Managing Partner at Instaura

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When can I buy the Surface C1?

We're in the final stages of development as we speak. C1 will be launched by Q3, 2022. We've had beta test's in 5 cities with over 200 pro and usual riders involved. We're planning to roll-out the first deliveries by the end of Q3.

What happens after i get early access?

All sign-ups will be sorted on first come basis and our support team will contact you to take things forward. You'll have access to test-rides in your city, early-bird benefits and more.

How will the Surface C1 be sold? Where do I buy it from?

We believe in being responsible for the whole experience of buying, owning and servicing our products. As a result, we'll have an online experience centre & store for buying, experiencing and getting support for your Surface products. In-order to enable physical presence, we'll also be partnering with  retailers across the country. Retailer info will be available on our website after launch. However, people on the pre-booking list will be delivered first as we're planning deliveries on a first-come basis.

Do I need a driving license to ride a Surface C1?

No, the C1 has speed limit of 25kmph on throttle and falls under the low-speed 2W category. Vehicles under this category such as e-bikes are exempt from license, registration and are completely street legal. Even though helmets are not mandatory, we strongly recommend you wear one to ensure complete safety no matter what you're whatever you're riding.

Is this the final design or will there be changes?

No, there will be changes. This is a first-phase concept launch to showcase what we have done so far. Behind the scenes, we're improving the deign, tech and curatings experience, working with experienced suppliers and running on-road tests. the product is in constant evolution. The final design reveal will be done prior to the launch.

How much would the C1 cost?

We are working on pricing model. The goal is to price in a way that the consumer can justify buying it and we won't have to make sacrifices in terms of quality, design & performance. Good things are never cheap.

Can I share my early-bird booking benefits with my friends?

Yes, experiences are meant to be shared. After signing-up, we will share a secret code with you which will activate your early-bird benfits when you purchase the C1. This code can be shared with 2 other friends.

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