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about surface

Globally, over one-third of all trips are under 5 kilometers (<20 minutes by bicycle) and over half of all trips are under 10 kilometers (<30 minutes by e-bike). If even half of these trips were made with bicycles, it could save 300 million metric tonnes of CO2 per year, and $25 trillion in cumulative transport expenses by 2050.

Isn't it worth it?

At Surface, our mission is to build world-class e-bikes with clean design, tech that works and experiences people love to enable millions of people to commute sustainably around the globe.

Out of the 34,878.7 million metric tons of Co2 emitted globally, more than 20% of it, around 6,300mn metric tons comes from transportation. That's the weight of 90,000 large dams. Sustainable alternatives like public transport, walking or cycling may not work for most people, so they're stuck with choosing fuel alternatives that costs a ton to maintain, has age old technologies and is a large source for congestion and pollution.

E-bikes are safer, more compact, cost-effective, tech-enabled and sustainable. Moving in cities should be fun, rather than a hassle. We focus meticulously on design, tech and engineering to build truly fascinating ride experiences.

Having our design, development & engineering operations in-house let's build exactly what we have in mind.

There is going to be a paradigm shift in the way people move in cities. We believe that more than 30% of urban commute will be done on e-bike within the next decade. It just makes more sense.

We'll be at the forefront of that wave.

If new horizons excite you and you've always felt you know something about yourslelf that others don't, we'd love to hear from you. Explore open positions

Run by former employees and active advisors from :

Syed M. Shahabaz

Founder & CEO

Juwin Thomas

Design Advisor

Nkhil TK

Engineering Advisor

Lakshmi Pl

Research & Operations

Bujair Pk

Cycling Guru

Fazal Rahman

Embedded Software Advisor

Harib Parol


Early Collaborators

Nikhil TK

Former Design Engineer
A prolific & experienced design engineer. Nikhil was in-charge of the engineering aspects of the frame, seats and more of the C1. A former design engineer to GE. Nikhil helped

Nikhil Chauhan

3D Artist
An industrial design student from the National Institute of Design. Pulls all-nighters like a pro. Nikhil was in-charge of all the beautiful renders of the C1 you see everywhere.

Lakshmi PL

Creative Direction
Finishing up her Hons. from DU, Lakshmi
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